One Room Challege – Week 2 – Master Bath

Well, it’s week 2.  How did that happen?   If you’re here for the first time, I am a guest participant in Linda from Calling it Home’s famous One Room Challenge.  There are 20 designers invited by Linda to transform a room over the next 5 weeks.  You can check out what they’re doing every Wednesday via the link on her blog.  And there are a whopping 249 guest participants, of which I am one, doing the same.  You can check out our progress on Thursdays.  I am transforming our very adequate, but builder’s grade, master bathroom.

This was the week of demolition.  #messy  The old tile has been removed.  The new floor tile is completely installed.  Just the tub surround left to do.  What a difference!!  I’m sharing my inspiration pieces so you can get an idea where I’m heading with this. #chinoiseriechicbr 004

Here’s my to do list and the few check-offs to date:

  • Replace all tile – almost
  • Replace vanity top – purchased slab, waiting on template, then installation
  • New faucets – better get going
  • New vanity and ceiling lights (ceiling light to be painted) – purchased – installation next week (fingers crossed)  
  • Replace huge mirror with 2 mirrors, one over each sink –  got em – not up yet
  • Paint pickled oak vanity
  • Paint room
  • Window treatments – fabric chosen
  • Clean – I get all the glamour jobs
  • Style – I also get the fun jobs

Here’s a little peak at a before and after of the floor.  I love the new tile,  but I also love the thinner grout line.  Yes, it’s the little things.  Details!  Can you tell I’m excited?

before and after 001

Recapping – there will be marble, blue and white, white and a surprise wall color.  Still deciding on an accent color.  I have 2 or 3 ideas, but no decisions.  This one is tough.

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One Room Challenge – Master Bath – Before

I am beyond excited to be a linking participant in Linda from Calling It Home’s amazing One Room Challenge.  The challenge is held in the spring and fall.  It’s a 5 week  (6 blog  post) event wherein incredibly talented designers are invited by Linda to redo a room and post their progress over 5 weeks.  Linda also allows bloggers to link as guests to this fabulous event.  The ORC is actually the reason I started my little blog last fall.  Unfortunately, we are a political family and it was during election season. It is entirely possible that I would have driven myself and everyone around me completely insane, so I waited til spring!!  (Oh, and by the way, my candidate won!)  He is the one who will be living through this challenge with me!  Poor him!

I have decided to update our master bathroom.  We purchased our home about 13 years ago and the bathroom was already installed.  It’s a large room – plus;  water closet – plus; shower with small bench – okay;  huge tub – plus and minus;  vast amount of boring oatmeal colored tile on the floor and surrounding the huge tub – negative; and pickled oak vanity, yes pickled oak – beyond negative.  The house was built in 2002 and apparently the builder was ‘lucky’ enough to find a vanity kicking around from the 1990’s.  Why I have not painted it yet is beyond me.

Warning – not so pretty pictures to follow. There were pictures on the walls but I had taken them down before I snapped my before pics.  I guess I’m trying to give myself more exciting before and afters. Swallowing my pride, here goes.


Apparently I was also out of Windex. Obviously the quality and content of the pictures has nowhere to go but up.   Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to check out the designers (on Wednesday) and linking participants (Thursday) as we make our way through the Linda’s fabulous challenge.  See you next week.

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Hippity Hoppity

Sharing my Easter decor today.  When my son was a little boy I had an Easter village and a bunny or egg stuffed into every nook and corner.  Most of that has long since been donated.  I did keep a few things that I enjoy bringing out but mostly I just add more flowers to the house.  Hope you like.

Happy Easter,


Blue and White

Hello friends!  Over the years fads and trends come and go and tastes change.    Some of my decorating choices from when I was first married now make me cringe! My style is pretty traditional but it’s fun to change things up now and then.

One thing I have always loved is blue and white porcelain.  Ginger jars, vases, dishes, planters, any and everything.  I bought my first double happiness jar at Bloomingdale’s many moons ago and the collection has since taken on a life of its own.   Even found its way to my desk.

desk 061

Can there ever be too much?  Never!



Keep Trying

One of my first attempts at a furniture makeover was a beautiful mahogany secretary desk.  My parents purchased it in 1950 right after they were married.  (I still have the receipt!)  It was damaged during a move at some point and to hide the damage someone used wood grain contact paper in the back of the piece.  Well, in time this piece became mine.  I love it and have always had it in my home but for some unknown reason I never removed the contact paper.  Contact paper!!!  What was I thinking???  You could tell from a mile away what it was!  Anyway, a couple years ago, I fixed the back and painted the inside black.  At the time of loved it.

After a while, the black seemed to dark.  Enter fabric backing………

dining room table 024

That was good for a while, but a little limiting.  Time to finally give chalk paint a try.  I love it!  I think it will stay this way for a while.  Just keep trying til you get it right (for you)!!

secretary 007

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