One Room Challenge – Week 4 – Master Bath

Week 4?  At the rate time is moving I feel like Christmas is around the corner!  In case you just dropped by, I’m one of the guest participants in Linda from Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge.  Along with 20 amazing designers, we, the guests, are transforming one room and posting our weekly results.  Follow along at Calling It Home.  It’s so much fun!

I am doing our master bathroom and here’s what’s happened so far:

toilet seat

Just kidding.  The toilet seat will be white!

  • Old tile out, new tile in.
  • Old lights have been removed and new beauties in their place.
  • Giant mirror down, two new ones are ready to be hung.
  • Marble vanity top was installed yesterday.  It really is gorgeous!
  • Paint vanity.
  • I’m working on one additional little detail for the vanity which I am very excited about.  #itsthelittlethings
  • New faucets ready for plumber to install when he comes back for the zillionth time. Husband claims I am the plumber’s retirement fund.   #notfunny  All the plumbing fixtures had to be disconnected for tile and vanity installation and then reconnected and I didn’t exactly have it all timed perfectly!
  • Painting begins Monday.
  • Window treatments are half complete.  The other half is coming all the way from Georgia!!  Can’t wait!!!!

april 20 040


Full disclosure:  Last week I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to remove water stains (seems like an oxymoron) from the frame-less shower doors.  We have extremely hard water in our area and one of us (not naming names) doesn’t squeegee the doors after showering.  And since he didn’t, I stopped.  Just went from bad to worse.  Helpful hint:  apply small amount of Jet Dry (or similar dishwasher rinse product) to one of those Mr. Clean sponges and just wipe the doors down (may take a few tries), pour water on the doors and squeegee.  They look almost brand knew!  You’re welcome!

Thanks so much for checking in.  And a special thank you to Linda for including guest participants.  I am truly having so much fun.  We’re in the home stretch now. A lot has to happen this week as planned or I’m going to be in big trouble!  Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress.  There is a ton of inspiration!  See you next week.



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