Keep Trying

One of my first attempts at a furniture makeover was a beautiful mahogany secretary desk.  My parents purchased it in 1950 right after they were married.  (I still have the receipt!)  It was damaged during a move at some point and to hide the damage someone used wood grain contact paper in the back of the piece.  Well, in time this piece became mine.  I love it and have always had it in my home but for some unknown reason I never removed the contact paper.  Contact paper!!!  What was I thinking???  You could tell from a mile away what it was!  Anyway, a couple years ago, I fixed the back and painted the inside black.  At the time of loved it.

After a while, the black seemed to dark.  Enter fabric backing………

dining room table 024

That was good for a while, but a little limiting.  Time to finally give chalk paint a try.  I love it!  I think it will stay this way for a while.  Just keep trying til you get it right (for you)!!

secretary 007

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3 thoughts on “Keep Trying”

  1. Hi! We have the gold Limoges plates that you have as well – they were inherited from my mother-in-law and I would love to hear more about them! Where did yours come from?


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