Five more days?

Am I the only one who can’t believe Christmas is only 5 days away?!? Time flies!  So I guess if I want to share any more of my Christmas decorating, now is the time.  When I scroll through Instagram or check out Pottery Barn and the like it’s fun to see the new trends and ideas.  But I pretty much use the same things every year and just add greens, flowers and bowls of fruit and  ornaments.  Pretty old school, I guess.

I purchased a bar cart this past summer and I love it!  It serves an obvious purpose but it’s fun to decorate seasonally as well.  So here it is, along with a few other touches of Christmas in my home.

Thanks for taking a peek.  It’s so much fun to see that people are actually reading this!  From all over the country!  And actually even the world (well maybe one person from outside the country!).  I am so appreciative.


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